Every year the Pennsylvania Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally identifies and focuses on key issues that are affecting gun owners throughout the Commonwealth. Our goal is to bring light to these issues and through citizen involvement encourage our legislators to protect gun owners’ rights.

This Year’s Issues

Constitutional Carry

Creates a two-tiered system with the carrying of firearms for lawful purposes:

  1. Option 1 gives citizens the ability to obtain a (LTCF) License To Carry Firearm permit that is valid throughout Pennsylvania and would provide for carrying firearms in other states (currently, (27) states either recognize Pennsylvania LTCF’s or there is a reciprocity agreement in effect).
  2. Option 2 recognizes that Commonwealth citizens have a fundamental constitutional right to keep and bear arms (Article 1, Section 21) and that ‘no LTCF’ is required for law abiding citizens to carry a firearm throughout Pennsylvania.

Correcting Firearm Transportation Laws

Due to poorly worded statutes and definitions, there is common confusion about transporting firearms in Pennsylvania. We hope to clarify the wording and intent of the Uniform Firearms Act in order to provide gun owners with a clear understanding of how to legally transport firearms throughout the Commonwealth.

Punishing Municipalities for Preemption Violations

Throughout the Commonwealth municipalities either working with or duped by out-of-state gun control interests have passed illegal firearm regulation ordinances that were overwhelmingly defeated at the state level. While these ordinances are illegal and unenforceable, they cause consider fear and distress to law-abiding, gun owning residents. We seek to provide punishments to municipalities who ignore and violate established state law in order to curb this undemocratic behavior.

Pennsylvania Instant Check System Reform

For years Pennsylvania has been wasting millions of dollars supporting a state-specific background check system that can be replaced with sole use of the federal National Instant Check System. In addition to the wasted taxpayer money, the PICS system has for years been used and abused by politicians and bureaucrats to skirt Pennsylvania law against keeping a gun owner registry. It is our goal to evaluate PICS and determine whether it can justify it’s continued cost.